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Charles Carter Construction delivers an extensive set of commercial general contracting services to meet the unique commercial construction needs of clients throughout Louisiana.


For municipalities, education, parks and recreation, retailers, banks, restaurants, and other clients, Charles Carter Construction is a premier provider of ground-up new construction services. As a highly-experienced commercial general contractor, we understand the nuances of education building construction, office construction, retail construction, restaurant construction, and other varieties of new construction projects.

Charles Carter Construction is a firm large enough to handle even the most extensive and challenging projects, yet we are still sized appropriately to deliver quality hands on customer service, personalized project management, and superb communication to our clients.


Charles Carter Construction delivers significant experience and expertise in the remodeling of existing businesses, both inside and out. In today’s highly-competitive retail, restaurant, business, and service-industry markets, having an outdated interior or exterior can affect your brand image and business. No matter what our clients’ vision for their remodeling project, we are the ideal commercial general contracting partner for quality, value, and performance.


When businesses move into new or different office, retail, or industrial properties, building out or retrofitting the space to meet their specific needs is a crucial component to finding success. For these tenant-improvement clients, Charles Carter Construction delivers premier general contracting services, aimed specifically toward efficient scheduling, careful control of costs, and precisely realizing their unique vision.


Performance and high quality demand a superior environment. A safe worksite is critical to the success on all of our construction projects. Charles Carter Construction is 100% committed to safety and providing a safe work environment for our employees and subcontractors. It is vital that each person at or near our projects including the general public, Owners, Architects, Engineers and our subcontractors, remain in the safest conditions possible.

We have developed a culture and a Code of Safe Practices that include comprehensive Health & Safety Assessments, Evaluation & Training. We have also developed policies and procedures designed to achieve a zero incident workplace. Charles Carter Construction has never had a fatality on a jobsite and has gone over fifteen years without a lost time injury!

We have a company designated Safety Director, Safety Committee & Loss Control Specialists all involved and dedicated to improving the culture and performance at Charles Carter Construction.

Our Safety Culture Includes -
- A commitment from management to provide quality safe working environments & conditions to all employees and subcontractors.
- We complete safety and health inspections on our projects, which are then reviewed by management.
- Immediate follow up and corrective action plans
- Site specific safety plans
​- Hands on training and education to both superintendents and subcontractors
- A safety program that is reviewed and updated
- Safety performance and compliance based incentives and recognition

Our 2023 company Experience Modification Rate is 0.91.

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